Engaging Community

Mid-February 2015:

Task force reports were submitted to the chancellor.

Mid-March 2015:

A town hall will be scheduled, and reports/recommendations will be posted online.

March 2015 and Beyond:

Implementation will be tracked online, and updates to the community will be made in a variety of forums.

Transformative Directions

Winter and Spring 2015:

Working groups will consult widely with students, faculty, staff, alumni, parents, and friends of the University. Conversations will focus on developing a vision for DU in 2025 and beyond.

Late Spring 2015:

The Transformative Directions Advisory Group will take the themes that emerged from community discussion and distill them into 3-6 transformative directions that can guide the University in the next decade.

Summer 2015:

A smaller group will create a first draft of a strategic plan.

Fall 2015:

After it has been considered and edited by the advisory group, a draft plan will be shared with the campus community for feedback. Broad community input will be important in advancing a document that will ultimately guide the University through the next decade.

Specific ideas will be tested amongst prospective students and alumni to ensure they resonate with the students we hope to attract and our alumni, whose engagement will be critical to the success of the plan.

Groups will meet to discuss possible implementation strategies and consider specific ways to measure successful implementation of a final plan.

Winter 2016:

Ideally, a final plan will be ready and publicized so that we can begin implementing our vision for DU.