Share Your Feedback

Over the summer, as part of Transformative Directions, we created a draft plan based on hundreds of conversations, approximately 1,000 pages of notes, and research from around the country.

The resulting vision—called DU IMPACT 2025—is now available, and we are interested in your feedback regarding this document.

Knowledge & Skills

Students need new kinds of knowledge and skills to live, work and contribute as citizens in the 21st century. What kinds of educational opportunities do these needs create...


DU can lead in the creation and sharing of knowledge by bringing together basic research and other forms of academic work in the arts and sciences with the...

Intentional Community

Across our campus, students, faculty and staff express the desire to create intentional community. What could this mean for the DU community? What values and outlooks should we...

For questions about our process or to share your thoughts and feedback, please contact Ed Rowe (, director for projects and planning in the Office of the Chancellor.

For security reasons the public discussions require your name and email. If you would like to provide anonymous feedback, you can do so at the chancellor’s web site; comments submitted there will not be made public.