Why should I care?

This is an opportunity for all of us to think beyond what currently exists and dream about our ideal university. Set aside budgetary concerns and current institutional structures, and tell us what your vision for DU is.

As Provost Gregg Kvistad describes this process, “We are attempting to step back and think about the broader principles that will ultimately guide the way the University sets priorities in the years ahead. This is different from anything we have done in my 30 years at DU.”

If you care about the future of the University, we want to hear your vision.

What do you mean by a two-pronged approach?

Recognizing the need to address immediate issues on campus as well as to think more broadly about the University’s future, Chancellor Chopp proposed a two-pronged approach to strategic planning. Engaging Community (with its four task forces) is focused primarily on the here and now: items that can be implemented in the coming months. Transformative Directions (with its three working groups) imagines DU in 2025 and beyond.

Engaging Community looked at important reports produced in the last year and prioritized recommendations. Reports from the four task forces will be available on this web site in mid-March, along with a clear implementation plan. Much of their work will also serve to inform the second prong of our planning efforts.

Transformative Directions is a community-wide effort to bring forth our very best ideas by envisioning our ideal of DU amidst a changing landscape. Rather than a checklist, it will identify broad themes that will guide the priorities and decisions of the University in the next decade.

Dreaming is great, but how will we realize our vision?

We will think carefully about implementation in the next phase of this process. But a clear and powerful vision for the future must determine our institutional goals and priorities, not the other way around.

In fall of 2015, we will share a draft of the plan with the DU community for specific feedback. We will also test our themes and ideas with prospective students and alumni to ensure that our vision is one that will attract 21st-century students and engage our alumni community.

The final plan will include specific goals and means to measure progress.

What are you going to cut?

This process is about opening new possibilities—creating structures and providing resources that support the very best of what our faculty, students, and staff want to accomplish in a changing educational landscape. We seek to create space for new and innovative practices while continuing to support the wonderful work already occurring at DU.

How can I get involved?

 Hundreds of students, faculty members, and staff members will receive invitations from our three working groups to participate in various meetings and interviews. We will also host public forums and pose some questions to the community at large so that you can respond to us online. We encourage your active involvement so that we can all benefit from your perspectives, insights, and good ideas. And at any time, you can share your great ideas with us at ImagineDU@du.edu.

What about program XYZ?

Know of a great program or innovative faculty member doing interesting things here at DU? Please let us know. More than likely in this process, our answers will come from within. While we will look at research and explore examples at other institutions, it’s very likely that some of the things already going on here at DU can serve as a model for the future. We want to identify these exciting things and elevate and support them.