Student Access and Support

The Student Access and Support Task Force’s recommendations are presented within the identified themes of financial aid, access programs, support programs, mentoring, advising and career development, and DU campus space.

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Task and Updates

Task Assignment


Summer 2015 

Centralize endowed financial aid funds for undergraduate students

Completion date: policies and procedures set by Summer 2015 for the 2016–2017 academic year

UPDATE (April 2015): We have begun to inventory endowed funds that are awarded centrally and those awarded at the departmental level and are drafting a policy and procedures for centralizing all undergraduate aid administratively.

Tom Willoughby (Enrollment)


Start date:
Summer 2015

Raise additional funds for undergraduate and graduate student aid and consider approaching donors of currently restricted funds to remove restrictions for more flexibility

UPDATE (April 2015):

  • We have launched the Momentum Scholarship Challenge to endow $45 million for financial aid.
  • Because we have discovered we have very small amount of restricted funds that limit our flexibility, we do not plan to approach donors.
  • Vice Chancellor Tom Willoughby and (now former) Vice Chancellor Scott Lumpkin will work with Financial Aid after the spring 2015 award cycle is complete to identify scholarship funds for which donor restrictions are limiting DU’s ability to award scholarship support and recommend any necessary actions.

Tom Willoughby (Enrollment), Armin Afsahi (University Advancement)


Start date:
March 2015

Inventory mentoring, support and access programs across DU and consider increased funding for those that lack funds and/or have a large/important impact

Gregg Kvistad (Provost); Barbara Wilcots (Graduate Studies); Jennifer Karas (Undergraduate Academic Programs); Gina Johnson (Institutional Research); and Patti Helton (Student Life)


Start date:
March 2015

Develop a culture that emphasizes student support by educating and training DU employees to direct students to support offices that can best address their needs

UPDATE (August 2015): As a pilot, the chancellor’s senior staff is developing a draft FAQ document for University staff to help them anticipate student questions and direct students to the right resources.

Chancellor’s Senior Staff develops pilot program


Start date:
March 2015

Inventory and assess undergraduate student advising and registration programs

Patti Helton (Student Life); Jennifer Karas (Undergraduate Academic Programs)


Start date:
March 2015

Create description of an undergraduate persistence program that pulls together all aspects of current persistence efforts

UPDATE (April 2015): Parties have met and have begun an inventory of current persistence efforts across campus; beginning a data analysis to profile students leaving DU; reviewing persistence plans at other universities to determine best practices; looking at how technology might assist us in building an integrated persistence plan.

Patti Helton (Student Life); Jennifer Karas (Undergraduate Academic Programs); Tom Willoughby (Enrollment)


Rolled into strategic plan

Explore the creation of an Engaged Learning Portfolio for all undergraduate students.

UPDATE (June 2015): The Student Experience working group of Transformative Directions has recommended that this concept be incorporated into the more comprehensive strategic plan.

Jennifer Karas (Undergraduate Academic Programs); Susan Zvacek (Teaching and Learning)

Student Access and Support
  • Gina Johnson (co-chair)
  • Tom Willoughby (co-chair)
  • Uriel Berrum (student)
  • Bill Cross
  • Ryan Gildersleeve
  • Jennifer Karas
  • Johanna Leyba
  • Albert McClure (student)
  • Linda Quintanar
  • Catherine Smith