Professional Development for Faculty and Staff

The Professional Development for Faculty and Staff Task Force believes that developing and implementing a comprehensive employee development program should be a priority for the University and that the recommendations contained in this report should be integrated into such a program.

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Task and Updates

Task Assignment


Start date:
March 2015

Complete a compensation study for staff


The compensation study begin in Spring 2015 and will take approximately one year to complete.

Amy King (Human Resources)


Summer 2015

Make available leadership training, starting with skills assessment tools (Myers Briggs, DISC, etc. to help faculty and staff identify strengths and career goals and coach teams on the compatibility of different work styles)

Include leadership training sessions in Staff Development Week


  1. All available assessment tools open to staff & faculty are now available and spelled out on the Leading & Learning pages of the HR Website. We also are offering classes to staff and faculty on these assessments (i.e., True Colors Personality Styles and StrengthFinders are part of the Spring/Summer class offerings). Other assessments will be incorporated into the upcoming certification programs as well as used in team building efforts across campus.
  2. The first annual “Leadership Academy” is being designed and developed right now and will debut this fall.
  3. The design of the professional development certification program is near completion and will be made available this fall as well.
  4. The supervisory certification program is also near completion and will roll out this fall.
  5. An array of leadership, management, and personal development classes created for the above certification programs will also be utilized for the Professional Development Week.
  6. We also will be adding online learning modules on everything from personal growth topics to leadership development to soft skill classes using

Amy King (Human Resources)


Summer 2015

Inventory existing professional development programs/opportunities for faculty and develop a strategy for communicating to campus

Recognize a shift in faculty development expectations nationally


  • Inventory: Completed
  • Communication Strategy
    • All of the current and upcoming professional development programs and services will be marketed in the following ways:
      • DU Digest
      • HR Website
      • Emails to the HR Liaisons
      • Shared with members of the Professional Development Advisory Group
      • A Training & Development catalog will be created, published, and distributed across campus by late summer

Inventory (as of October 2015):

Unit level

Professional conference travel:

  • Funding ranges from $1,000 to $2,400, paid for by the academic unit; not all require that the faculty member is giving a paper, chairing, a panel, or serving as a discussant.
  • In natural sciences and mathematics, as well as engineering and computer sciences, conference travel is usually paid from flowback and research grants.
  • In social work, flowback can augment travel amount of $1,200 if the faculty member is presenting a paper.

Professional conference travel and/or professional development activities (unit level):

  • Funding ranges from $1,000 to $2,400

Start-up funding for new faculty members:

  • Large amounts for equipment and other needs in sciences, engineering, and computer science; can be as large as $500,000
  • Smaller amounts in other academic programs: arts, humanities & social sciences, and social work

New faculty professional development programs:

  • Senior faculty mentors
  • Course releases

Other professional development activities:

  • Leadership training (MCOE)
  • Grants training (MCOE)
  • Research colloquia (DCB)
  • Faculty speaker series (AHSS)
  • Professional development workshops (DCB)
  • Research methodology training (GSSW)
  • Teaching seminars (NSM)
  • Mentoring under-represented students (NSM)
  • Writing groups (AHSS, Libraries)
  • Summer research salary (Law and DCB)
  • “Mini-sabbaticals” (AHSS and some in NSM)
  • Modern Learning Committee (Carnegie Report) course development (Law)

Office of Teaching and Learning

  • New faculty workshop
  • Intensive multi-week workshops
  • How-to workshops on educational technologies
  • Topical, one-time pedagogy workshops
  • Teaching and Learning Week
  • Program assessment workshops
  • Faculty learning communities
  • Faculty teaching consultations

Office of Internationalization

  • International travel professional development
  • International curriculum professional development
  • International institutional partnership development

Office of Research

  • Summer and Winter Research Resource Fair
  • Grant writing workshops
  • Free copy editing services and grant critiques
  • Community meetings to share/leverage strategies
  • Training for effective mentoring strategies

Department of Human Resources

Faculty members only:

  • As part of the Colorado 14ers People Development Program (which debuts in February 2016), we will be offering an assortment of educational pods. One of the pods will be dedicated to education opportunities for faculty department chairs. That pod (currently under development) will consist of a series of professional development classes (6 to 8) that cover everything from meeting management to performance management to coaching skills. Any faculty member can access this pod.
  • The Office of Teaching & Learning will also be offering pods in this program for faculty members.
  • It is our hope that a coaching program will be developed via the Abrasive Conduct Task Force for faculty members who could benefit from learning softer and gentler approaches for interacting with faculty members, staff members, and students.

Faculty and staff members:

  • The Colorado 14ers People Development Program will be offering professional development pods for all of our employees in areas like Inclusive Excellence, leadership, employee supervision, sustainability, wellness, and campus safety.
  • The Leadership Academy is an annual six-month leadership development program for faculty and staff members.
  • Our bi-weekly Fridays@Noon Lunch & Learn series features an array of professional development topics for faculty and staff members. Videos of each program can be accessed on the People Development webpage at the Human Resources website.
  • One-on-one coaching is available to all faculty and staff members.
  • The Mentor Program provides an opportunity for faculty to seek out a mentor or become a mentor for other faculty.
  • Team Building services are available to all departments and teams on campus.
  • The Professional Development Week (Feb. 15-19, 2016) activities are available for all faculty and staff members. We will host keynote speakers addressing various aspects of professional development.
  • We have 360 evaluations available for departments for the purpose of providing professional development/leadership feedback to those in management positions.
  • We will have com up and running in late fall for all faculty and staff members to utilize. It offers an array of professional development opportunities.
  • A campus-wide Professional Development Advisory Group has been created to implement our professional development programs.

Other Human Resources opportunities for faculty and staff members:

  • Self Discovery Tools

Self-discovery tools are some of the more popular assessments being used across campus for greater understanding of self and others. They include: True Colors Personality Profile, DISC, Strengthsfinder, Insights Discovery System, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, 360- Reviews.

  • Coaching Skills for Managers: Part I and Part II (which requires completion of Part I)

Traditional supervision without coaching is about getting things done. Using coaching as a skillset while supervising others not only gets things done but grows and develops the employees at the same time. Coaching Skills for Managers provides the three-step framework to take your employees to the next level.

  • Eight Simple Rules to Managing Conflict: Part I (Rules 1-4); and Part II (Rules 4-8)

Conflict is unavoidable and has the power to be a real asset to any business.  The need for creative and diverse opinions on any product service is imperative.  How we handle conflict determines if a workplace is stuck or thriving.  This training examines the common causes of conflict and provides eight critical rules for preventing or defusing conflict in the workplace.

  • Change: Managing Your Emotions and Expectations

Change is something that we face on a daily basis. Changes comes in many forms but not always on our terms. This session provides an overview of why people tend to resist change, how to adapt to change, and how to implement change.

Gregg Kvistad (Provost); Corinne Lengsfeld (Research); Susan Zvacek (Teaching and Learning); Amy King (Human Resources)


Summer 2015

Articulate clearer criteria for promotion to full professor in all academic units, and mentor associate professors to pursue promotion

Gregg Kvistad (Provost), in consultation with academic deans


May 2015

Support interested staff members’ career development

  • As the compensation study is conducted, identify internal professional development opportunities across the University by job family
  • Online modules to discover and learn about various career paths, inside and outside DU
  • Include as a question on annual performance plan: What are your goals for your job and for your career?


  1. In conjunction with Career Services, we currently are providing assessment tools and one-on-one coaching to staff and faculty on any growth development topic, including career advancement.
  2. Given the desire amongst staff and faculty for career coaching, career development classes, and career consulting for promotion and opportunities across campus, we will be designating an FTE to specialize in meeting this need.
  3. Specific career development classes (both classroom and online) are being identified and will be made available this coming fall.
  4. Our Wingspan Performance Management System now allows managers and employees to identify goals for the coming year. This will help support career development and skill development for individuals wanting to advance.

Amy King (Human Resources)


Planning Started:
Summer 2015

Begin an annual Professional Development Week

  • Bring in a keynote speaker to address a major theme in professional development
  • Inclusion sessions or workshops on a broad range of subjects from career development and skill building to diversity/inclusion and wellness
  • Encourage broad staff participation, requiring all supervisors to allow staff members to attend at least one session
  • Begin or end the week with a large celebration (possibly a picnic or buffet banquet), during which staff awards could be announced


  1. Our first step in creating a professional development week is the creation of a Professional Development Advisory Group on campus. Invitations have already been sent out and accepted and the first meeting will occur in June. This advisory group will help centralize our professional development efforts and provide advice and guidance on current and future programs, including the professional development week. Members of this group are coming from OTL, AHHS, Library, SAC, CMC, Athletics, Facilities, Faculty, UCOL, Advancement, Marcomm, Daniels, and UTS.
  2. Staff and faculty have raised concerns over a professional development week versus ongoing professional development throughout the year. Although professional development will occur regardless throughout the year, the specific concern is that people will be limited in how many classes/programs/presentations they’ll be able to take time off of from work to attend in a concentrated one-week opportunity. We would like to explore and assess this concern before moving forward.

Amy King (Human Resources)


March 2015

Provide resources to help all employees better understand the structure and functioning of the University

  • Offer specific online training to employees who are new to higher education in general
  • Create videos of various individuals/offices to increase campus understanding of various roles and how they relate to the University’s mission and values
  • Infuse DU’s core values into orientation, training and professional development opportunities


  1. We are redesigning our Onboarding program to include ongoing resources for all new staff and faculty. This will include infusing DU’s core values into onboarding training and all the professional development programs. We are also exploring the possibility of utilizing the mentor concept into onboarding so each new employee has a unique contact to access during their first year on all the “ins and outs” of the DU community.
  2. We are currently utilizing our Fridays@Noon Lunch & Learn Series to provide not only topics of interest to the DU community, but to also highlight individual members of the university community.

Amy King (Human Resources)

Professional Development for Faculty and Staff
  • Ken Pinnock (co-chair)
  • Barbara Wilcots (co-chair)
  • Alan Chen
  • Dan Delatorre
  • Linda Kosten
  • Virginia Pitts
  • Thomas Walker
  • Brittany Wilhelm