DU Impact 2025 Strategic Plan

Jan. 20, 2016

Dear Friends,

I am pleased to announce that the Board of Trustees approved DU IMPACT 2025 at its meeting last week.

As the trustees considered our new strategic plan, they were impressed with the energy and wisdom our community invested in its vision. As you may recall, over 2,500 faculty, students, staff, alumni, Denver area leaders and friends contributed powerful insight and ideas over the past year. Then an advisory group and four working groups of faculty, staff and students used this input and conducted research to shape the plan. I deeply appreciate the hard work and dedication that they—and each of you—committed to our process.

The framework of our plan includes four interrelated transformative directions:

  • Students Learning and Leading in a Diverse and Global 21st Century
  • Discovery and Design in an Age of Collaboration
  • Engagement and Empowerment in Denver and the Rocky Mountain West
  • One DU: A diverse, inclusive, engaged and sustainable community that works independently and together toward this common vision

These directions formed the basis of a draft we shared with you in September, when over 1,600 community members expressed broad support for these directions and offered helpful feedback we used to strengthen and refine the plan. Here are a few examples of some additions that respond to that feedback:

  • A statement of the strengths—including the fantastic people that make up DU—that form the foundation of our future. At the request of a number of faculty and others, the strengths include our commitment to ethical perspectives and leadership
  • A strategic initiative focused on experiential learning
  • A strategic initiative specifying the types of research faculty and students undertake in our professional and arts and sciences programs
  • A strategic initiative that underscores our commitment to globalization, as well as more clarity that our engagement in Denver includes serving the public good in many ways, from working with underprivileged communities to educating leaders in business, law and other professions
  • A clearer claim to our role as an anchor institution in Denver and the region

While this moment is exciting, it is not a time to rest. Now we begin our very important implementation phase, when the plan begins to achieve the dreams we have described.  Like our planning process, implementation will be widely consultative as we determine how and when each transformative direction and strategic initiative will become real. We will also produce a much shorter version of the plan for broader audiences and a web site to help us tell our evolving story and track progress in engaging, transparent ways.

This is an exciting time for the University, and I hope each of you use DU IMPACT 2025 to enrich and inspire the plans you will make in your departments, offices and cross-disciplinary teams. I also hope you will accept my heartfelt thanks for your commitment to the incredible future we are shaping together. Now and always, I welcome your feedback on how we can use the ideas we have developed to make the University of Denver even stronger and better with each year that unfolds.

With warm regards,

Rebecca Chopp, Chancellor

Download the DU IMPACT 2025 strategic plan