What can improve? – DU IMPACT 2025

What part of the plan is missing or needs more work? Please give us ideas for improvement, remembering that this is a University-wide plan, and each academic unit will have its own plan to address unit-specific issues like faculty and curriculum.

Knowledge & Skills

Students need new kinds of knowledge and skills to live, work and contribute as citizens in the 21st century. What kinds of educational opportunities do these needs create for DU? How should our current programs expand and change? What about our programs should remain the same?


DU can lead in the creation and sharing of knowledge by bringing together basic research and other forms of academic work in the arts and sciences with the practical focus of our professional schools. What are our best steps toward achieving this aim? How might we distinguish ourselves through this...

Intentional Community

Across our campus, students, faculty and staff express the desire to create intentional community. What could this mean for the DU community? What values and outlooks should we uphold?


As we work to develop the new strengths you describe, what challenges or barriers might we encounter?

What to Preserve

As we help DU evolve in the future, what features and characteristics should we be sure to preserve? In other words, what are the core traits that should continue to define us?

Defining DU

What is it that defines DU? What are the characteristics, practices and experiences that make us who we are? What examples of stimulating engagement, creative collaboration or innovative activities could we expand or better support?