What’s exciting/inspiring? – DU IMPACT 2025

What is the most exciting part of this plan? What inspires you?

  • Joseph Kerski

    The Strategic Initiative 3: Knowledge Bridges– I feel that one bridge is “spatial thinking” – looking at the world’s challenges from local to global with a geographic, or spatial, point of view. These challenges – energy, water, natural hazards, population change, political instability, sustainable development, and others – can be grappled with through the application of geographic information systems technology and methods. I would like to see DU make the infusion of spatial thinking go beyond the traditional GIS and geography department to business, history, international relations, mathematics, law, and more.

  • Dean Saitta

    The calls for (1) more interdisciplinary work, (2) change/redesign of university structures to better support interdisciplinary work, (3) creation of “meta” entities for organizing interdisciplinary work (currently described as Centers and Institutes; I suggest using the term “Collaboratives”), and (4) a more diverse faculty, which can only enhance interdisciplinary work. Senior faculty have been calling for these things for many years. I hope the redesign of university structures will include, at the very least, abolishing the language of “Divisions.” Such language does not fit with a new model of collaborative knowledge design, and works against creation of any sort of meaningful shared identity.

  • Nick Stubler

    I was impressed and inspired by Impact 2025’s focus on developing global citizens. Our institution’s remarkable level of participation in study abroad programs provides us with immense opportunities to learn from other cultures and realize the interconnections and unity between all people. In turn, I believe this understanding provides a powerful foundation upon which DU can both teach and live its commitment to being a great private university dedicated to the public good. I was also immensely pleased the see a focus on Sustainability include in Impact 2025, though I do believe there is room for improvement in this regard.

  • GregLKJ

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  • Fred Cheever

    Sustainability is – above all – a decision-making system
    integrating present generations, future generations, social justice and environmental
    quality. Applying sustainability principles, faculty and students can approach problems at a local, regional, national and international level.

  • Bridget Arend

    The students in the course, HED 4215: Curriculum Development in Higher Education, spent some time looking at sections of the Renew DU draft plan. We collaborated in small groups and agreed on the following points of feedback about the plan.

    What is most exciting/inspiring?
    · Cultivating leaders committed to inclusivity/diversity
    · Attracting diverse faculty
    · Incorporating global learning and knowledge
    · Creating flexible institutional infrastructure for knowledge bridges
    · Holistic wellness initiatives
    · Change for DU, something new
    · Accountability for multiple constituencies
    · DU and community serving the public good
    · Interdisciplinary research and scholarship

  • Erika Stith

    By far the best idea in this plan is Transformative Direction 1, Strategic Initiative 5, the Center for Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Technology. I think this center will provide the most opportunity for growth out of everything suggested. It is also good that there is at least some commitment to sustainability shown. These two things could connected as well, by providing resources for sustainability-based entrepreneurial ideas. I am also glad that a commitment is shown to meeting students full financial need.

  • Brian Gearity

    What’s inspiring is being at DU for just over 1 year and having confidence in your co-workers (administration, faculty, staff) to get the job done and create a welcoming environment in which to work.